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Fluids from Scratch

In this section I will write summaries and posts covering my understanding of basic fluids topics. As a part of my own development I hope that by describing fundamentals in my own words I can better understand them myself. Whats that saying you remember XX% of what you read/see/teach etc etc. And for others reading this section, sometimes it helps to hear someone else describe their own understanding a topic or phenomena to help better understand it. Sometimes class notes, textbooks, and practice problems (aka the usual suspects) can be difficult to use alone. Also those sources often make it hard to become excited about something. Sometimes important context is missing. How does this topic fit into the big picture? How can it be applied to the real engineering problems? What industries would care about this? Are there any really cool instances of this in the world?

Anyway. If your reading this… Enjoy.


  1. Stationary Normal Shock Waves Posted: March 18, 2016. Edited: March 18, 2016


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